Insight in 1984 on homosexual law reform

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Follow the link below to listen to a Radio New Zealand documentary on homosexual law reform, produced in 1984 - a year before the introduction of Fran Wilde's Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

The recording is part of the Nga Taonga Sound & Vision radio collection,

This programme looks at the then-current attempt to introduce a bill to legalise homosexual acts between adult males. Prior to this point there had been two failed private members bills, but at this point the time was considered 'right'.

Various viewpoints on homosexual activity are expressed, including Detective Superintendent Bruce Scott on the Police's attitude to complaints about homosexual activity and National MP for Hauraki Graeme Lee's description as homosexuality as 'perverted'.

Various homosexuals relate their experiences and their perception that society is generally more accepting of homosexual activity in some ways due to the rise of homosexual material in the media etc. [The first unnamed speaker - at approx. 6m30s - is Neil Costelloe]

Various delegates at a "Young Nats" conference outline why they will not be putting forward a bill to legalise homosexual activity.
The Director of Health, Basil James and Detective Superintendent Bruce Scott note that homosexuals are not more likely to be child molesters.
than heterosexuals.

A discussion over homesexuality being a 'victimless crime' and previous attempts to introduce changes to laws regarding homosexual activity.

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